Transmit and receive data from Bluetooth Compatible devices.

A Bluetooth Gateway relays messages from a cloud server to any node in a Bluetooth SIG mesh, other meshes, or in a point to multiple points applications. Therefore, it is possible to transmit the data of several sensors over one BLE Gateway. With Bluetooth Smart (formerly BLE) ranges up to 20m can be achieved. For a transmission, for example from a field or a canal to your office, 20m usually are not enough. In this case the GSM BLE Gateway solves the problem and bridges the distance by roaming mobile data connection. Thus, the BLE Gateway offers you permanent access to your data.

4G and Wi-Fi Modules

4G and Wi-Fi Modules receives data from BLE devices and transmit it over cloud.


Relay is used to ON/OFF the devices near BLE Gateway to ON/OFF the External devices base on the scenario.

GPS (Optional)

To know the position, the gateway is equipped with GPS module.