Motor Controller

Motor Controllers

Embdes motor control solution is packed with state-of-the-art electrical machines, embedded systems, power electronics, and control systems to cater the need of modern electrical vehicles across different motor types such as BLDC, PMSM, SRM and induction motors. It measures and precisely regulates system characteristics including motor speed, torque, voltage and current. Controller has self-protection capabilities to detect a malfunction if found by safeguarding the safety of the vehicle.

By keeping the present trend and futuristic EV opportunities in our vision, we have our own advanced algorithms like FOC, Field-weakening, regenerative braking and lockstep dual core solution. Embdes sustainable and rugged motor controller hardware which can be customized according to the customer requirements and motor spec.

We have an ecosystem of experienced Automotive Domain Experts, Engineers for hardware, software, mechatronics, application development and Industry Partners.

Low Voltage Inverter for 2/3-Wheeler Traction Motor Control

The low voltage inverter for 2/3 wheelers traction motor control is a reference design using the brochure RH850/C1M-A1 MCU and analog products for high power 48V motor control applications.

Includes inverter hardware design files (schematics and Gerber) and peripheral sample code (for motor control unit and resolver-to-digital converter), allowing for fast evaluation and development based on real-life use cases.

System Benefits

  • The power stage can drive up to a 10kW motor. Proper heat sinks and temperature monitors are provided for a complete system-level validation for the OEM/Tier 1.
  • Support to scale the 48V power stage of the inverter as per customer requirements.
  • Support connection with vehicle I/O, brake sensor, accelerator, gear, and drive modes along with PWM output for the digital cluster.

Technical Specification

Rated Power

  • 5KW

Peak Power

  • 10KW

Nominal Voltage

  • 35VDC to 72VDC

Battery Voltage Range

  • 35VDC to 72VDC

Continuous and Peak Current

  • 200A & 500A

Current Measurement

  • Up to 500A

Motor Controller Temperature Range

  • -40 to +150 (Average given by Auto grade components used)


  • Closed loop controlling with both Trapezoidal & FOC


  • 4 CAN (3 non isolated & 1 isolated FD CAN)
  • 3 LIN
  • 2 isolated UART
  • 2 SENT


  • Reverse Voltage protection
  • Over current protection
  • ESD protection
  • Over temperature protection

Types of Feedback from Motor

  • RDC ((Resolver Decoder Circuit) by connecting external Sin/Cos Sensor, DC resolver and AC Resolver type),
  • Encoder Input (Digital incremental encoder)
  • Hall sensor inputs

Programming & Control Interfaces

  • JTAG
  • AUD
  • SPI

Power Board

  • Custom design
  • DC/DC converter
  • Pre driver and Power MOSFET

HW Safety and Security

  • Clock Monitor (CLMA)
  • Error Control Module (ECM)
  • Error Correcting Coding (ECC)
  • Data CRC (DCRA)
  • Intelligent Cryptographic Unit E (ICUSE)
  • Secure Watchdog Timer A (SWDTA)

Hardware Fault Generation

  • Main power fault
  • ·GDU power fault
  • Motor’s 3 individual phase current faults
  • Power management fault

Other Features

  • 4 No’s of Digital output using High Side Renesas Intelligent Power Device (IPD).
  • Manual emergency stop or restart available.
  • 8 digital inputs, 3 digital outputs & 3 active low digital inputs.
  • One digital fan control & drive output
  • 6 individual analog inputs
  • Lockstep dual Core
  • Throttle input support
  • Forward / Reverse mode support
  • Ignition key input support

Embdes has designed and developed a reference platform for motor control inverter application for 2Wheeler/3Wheeler. This reference platform is sellable via distribution channel.

Embdes can take custom motor control design based on the application requirements from Tier-1/OEM. Contact our sales for more information.