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Telecom and Networking

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Telecommunication and Networking has the ability to communicate and connect to the core part between people-people and people-machine. The telecom industry is undoubtedly considered to be one of the most lucrative sectors as the telecom product development has contributed a lot for the economy of most of the countries. In today’s digital era, telecommunication has become the base for many businesses, communities and other institutions to seamlessly connect and share information.

Thanks to technology advancements, things like searching the internet, placing phone calls, emailing, and text messaging has become integrated part of our personal and professional lives.

Few of the products realized by Embdes which are made for Telecom and Networking,

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Leveraging Reliability and Resilience to Strengthen Products

Embdes has been in the sector of telecom product development for a long time and has helped Telecom and Networking products manufacturers across the wire line and wireless spectrum to design and build new products and sustain engineering on existing products.

We have always gone beyond the cost factor to help our customers create a competitive edge by accelerating new service roll outs vital to an emerging marketplace. We design unified communications platforms, which allow seamless integration between data and voice messaging services.

Our Expertise

Our expertise is based on our proven track record and decades of experience in product and solution development for telecom and Networking infrastructure. We are one of the forerunners in telecom technology development by developing a portfolio of reusable IP components and Access to specialized resources.

Our Value Proposition

Embdes has vast knowledge and experience in world-Class RF & Hardware Design Expertise, solutions for Integration Services and extensive competence in Software engineering.

  • Interfaces - PCI, PCIe, cPCI,  RGMII, GMII, RSGMII, SGMII, MII, RMII, TDM, I2C, RS232/485, SPI, Local Bus, Telecom Bus, SDIO, SONET, sRIO, Utopia Bus
  • Peripherals - E1/T1 Framer, STM1, OC–x Framer, Fxo/Fxs, VOIP controllers, 10/100/1000 Mbps Eth PHY, Eth Switch, TSI, PCI/PCIe Bridge
  • Communication: GSM, GPS, WIFI, BT, LoRAWan, Zigbee
  • Network processors and DSPs – NXP, Power QUICC II (MPC82xx), Power QUICC II Pro (MPC83xx), Power QUICC III (MPC85xx), Starcore MSC81xx, TI: TMS64X, TMS320
  • Board design and testing for processor boards and network adapters such as Gigabit Ethernet cards
  • OC-x interface boards for enterprise and carrier class switches or routers
  • Network driver development for Ethernet, xDSL, OC-x, Cable Modem, etc.
  • Core development of GSM/GPRS/3G/4G/5G, W-CDMA and UMTS products
  • Integration and customization of Bluetooth and 802.11x
  • Development of device middleware and embedded applications to support mobile communication
  • Wireless physical layer implementation with SOCs, DSPs, FPGAs and CPLDs

  • Telecom / VoIP
  • Datacom / Wi-Fi
  • Protocol Development
  • Network Management
  • Mobile and Custom Applications
  • Embedded Systems
  • Independent testing services


  • End to end product and solution development lifecycle
  • High End IP Based PBX products, call features, IP Phones and Soft Switches
  • Proven expertise in Internet Telephony Applications, Unified Messaging and Convergence applications.

  • End to end product development on leading chipsets including Broadcom, Infineon and others.
  • Single band and dual band Wi-Fi support
  • Pv4 and IPv6 protocol stacks
  • Mobile broadband access using 3G/LTE

  • Protocol Stack Design and Development
  • Protocol Stack Frameworks on Real-Time and General Purpose Operating
  • Systems Conformance and Interoperability
  • Developing Frameworks for SIP, H.323, MGCP and IPv6 Protocol Stacks

  • Developing standards for SNMP based Network Management solutions
  • Developing client software framework for new devices
  • Adding support for new devices into the existing EMS solution
  • Working on SNMP and other network management protocols

  • Mobile apps for iOS,Android, Black Berry and Windows platforms
  • End to end design and implementation of web applications and custom applications.

  • Product R&D Technology Evaluation, Feasibility Study, Solution Modeling and Simulation
  • Product Engineering Hardware Design and Software Development
  • Product Sustenance Engineering - Support and Maintenance
  • Platform Management
  • Quality Assurance and Certification Testing

  • Independent QA House with expertise in developing and executing test strategies for Telecom, Networking, Broadband access products, E-Governance, Web and Mobile applications
  • Focused approach towards test automation reducing test cycles and enhancing speed of testing
  • End to End testing services including test planning, test design, test automation, testing and test reporting
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