Mechanical Design

Mechanical Design

We engineer devices and complex mechanical systems that are future ready!

Enclosures are the skin of the product and the part we usually interact with. They need to be highly functional and at the same time attractive and easy to handle.

Right Mechanical design will help the Mold makers life easy and fool proof during assembly leads to seamless production.

Designing enclosures is one of the most important parts of product development.  This is especially relevant with electronics projects, as they usually include lots of wiring and loose components. Enclosures keep everything in place but also show that there is a design to how the product should be handled and used.

Embdes Mechanical design team helps to realize the right enclosure or mechanicals required for a product, considering the aesthetics, cost, cooling requirements, durability, ruggedness, safety aspects etc. Our capabilities include designing of Rackmount Chassis, DIN rail systems, Handheld Enclosure, Box type Enclosure and Rugged Enclosure.

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Devices that Perform

Simulation and prototype validation are the key to our Mechanical Engineering process which is backed up by decades of mechanical engineering experience and rigorous procedures.

Our designers and engineers realize the original ID design, while meeting a host of other requirements. They optimize the design of mechanical parts for robustness and aesthetics whilst ensuring a design that minimizes the cost of the injection molds and the parts themselves.

Mechanical Design and Manufacture

Our expertise in tools and customized processes provides reliable, feature-rich products at competitive prices with the least development lead time. Our mechanical design services also include engineering drawing conversion, industrial design and Man-Machine interface.

Our Enclosure Design Expertise:

Embdes Advantage

Embdes Electro Mechanical Design and manufacturing solutions leverage our vertical design & manufacturing model and capabilities under one roof in a cost-effective manner. We support the entire lifecycle of a product from mechanical design targeting DFM efficiency to prototyping, to cost-effective high volume production. Our solutions are enhanced through a global supply chain and support services, both of which are aimed at optimizing flexibility and cost-containment across all operations. We develop the cost effective industrial design of the enclosures and create a detailed mechanical design coupled with design documentation and build prototypes to house Electronic systems in material such as Plastic, Aluminium Stainless steel and Mild steel followed by production quantities.

  • Clean, Editable CAD models
  • Indented Bill of Materials
  • Tolerance Stack Up Analysis
  • 2D Drawing Package
  • Critical to Function (CTF) Tolerance Dimensioning
  • Assembly Drawings
  • Operation Method Sheet

  • Assembly Process and Steps
  • Assembly Time
  • Bill of Material Reduction

  • Additive Rapid Prototyping Technology
  • Stereolithography (SLA)
  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
  • Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
  • Poly-Jet and Multi-Jet Printing
  • Subtractive Prototyping Technology
  • Sheet Metal Forming
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC)
  • Metal and Acrylic Laser Cutting
  • Room Temperature Vulcanizing Molding (RTV Molding)

  • First Article Inspection Reporting
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Product Testing
  • Drop Testing
  • Pre Compliance and Compliance Testing
  • Electro Magnetic Interference Testing (EMI)
  • Shipment Testing and Procedure
  • Environmental Testing

  • CNC Machining
  • Injection Molding
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Press Tools
  • Jigs & Fixture
  • Packaging / Carton / Label design
  • Alpha and Beta builds
  • Full scale production ramp-up

  • Engineering Change Notice
  • Revision Control of Production Drawing Package
  • Stock Disposition

  • Quality Assurance Documentation
  • Design Control and Maintenance
  • Assembly Analysis and Cost Reduction
  • Manufacturing Support
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