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From concept to prototyping to final product manufacturing! Embdes does it all for you!

Embedded Product Design is a specialized area that requires expertise along with right tools and a passion to innovate. At Embdes we have the perfect practical knowledge and experience in various engineering verticals along with the regulatory requirements.

Our expertise in Product Design ranges from designing miniature IoT gateway to Complex Systems, Embdes is a One Stop Shop for all your electronic design requirements. We excel in some of the major verticals which include;

Embdes Product Design

Transform your Idea into a complete Product!

Embdes offers a wide range of Embedded Design Services that are intended towards transforming an idea into a complete product. Our success is scripted with our expertise in Electronic product engineering & Electronic manufacturing, best practices, and our strong relationships with clients.

Embedded Systems

Embedded products are a complex amalgamation of software, hardware, and middleware technologies. The need of the hour is always fully functional digital future with seamless data sharing between the diverse embedded products and industrial assets operating in different levels and spheres.

Embdes is a one-stop solution that helps you gain a significant competitive edge with our digitally enabled product design and development services.

Embdes Embeddded Systems

Embdes Advantage

Embdes Engineering Solutions offers full turnkey product design. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we can take a concept and develop it into a ready-to-manufacture product. Embdes can provide all necessary development capabilities from requirement analysis to electronic, mechanical and software design to PCB fabrication and test.

We build products / solutions from the concept stage. Embarking on an end-to-end product development using the latest technologies available. Embdes follows Scrum / Agile methodologies to ascertain that the product specifications are met to the perfection.

Maintaining the products and solutions which are developed are equally essential for a flawless system. Embdes offers periodic maintenance updates and enhancements to the product/solution from the onset. We also provide our maintenance support to the clients of our clients.

Technology updates are fast paced in today's world and the Products which Embdes develops are designed in a manner which enables scaling up and updating in par with the technological enhancements and reducing the need to completely change the product or preventing the product  from becoming obsolete in a short time.

It is natural for the hardware components to become obsolete in a few years, making it imminent to re-design products using the latest available hardware components.  With our strategic partnerships with leading semiconductor companies, Embdes is uniquely positioned to re-design using components which are not likely to become obsolete in the near future. Thus making it one of the most trusted brands.

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